Stump Grinding Services

If you have recently removed a tree or trees in your yard, you probably think of what you should do with the stump that’s left behind. Stump removal is an ideal option if you want to prevent worse things from happening on your property, including the domination of pests and insects in your yard. 

Deciding early on removing a stump will save you from possible hazards that it can cause. Stump grinding is an efficient and safe way to eliminate it and the danger it comes with altogether. 

Below are some advantages you can reap from grinding the unwanted stump in your yard. 

Property Value

It will only take one phone call to remove the eyesore in your yard. Pro Tree Service can grind the stump into pieces until it is no longer visible. Doing this will significantly enhance the value of your property in many ways you can’t imagine. 

Maximize Space

If you want your yard to look well-maintained and neat, then a stump should not be existent in your yard. A stump can eat up space that you can utilize for more important purposes. It will also be a challenge for you to tidy your landscape up with a stump nearby. 

Unwanted Growth 

Some tree stumps can cause more trouble than there already is. They can cause unwanted growth at the base and harbor pests and insects. These sprouts can cluster around the stump and compete with healthy trees for nutrients from the ground. This will, later on, cause harm to the rest of your landscape trees. You can call us to eliminate this stump and ensure the safety of the trees on your property. 


Unattended stumps can be home to a variety of insects and pests in the area. The decaying wood is a favorite among these hazardous pests, and without you knowing, they also have invaded your home. If you don’t want this to happen, you should take care of the stump as soon as possible. At Pro Tree Service, we will use our reliable stump grinders to safely remove the stump to prevent pests and insects from harming you and your healthy trees in the yard. 

Improving Safety

The absence of stumps in your yard reduces the risks of having someone tripping over it. This will make your property a safe place for you and your family. If you don’t want to stress yourself over injuries caused by unattended stumps, then it is time to call the experts and have it taken care of. 

Lawnmower Safety

Tree stumps come with a lot of inconveniences, particularly when you are doing your regular yard maintenance. You have to carefully operate your mower to avoid hitting it and damaging your tool. Hitting a stump can cause serious damage to any gardening tools, which is why it is essential to have it removed before the worst happens. You will be required to mow your lawn more frequently with the presence of a stump because weeds tend to grow around them. 

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