Tree Trimming

Trees can be an asset to any property, but they can also become a liability if not given the proper attention they need. They can create life-threatening situations that can be corrected with tree trimming. Unfortunately, not many homeowners realize the essentiality of this horticulture method, which leaves their trees at risk. 

Here are some of the many benefits of having your tree trimmed regularly by a professional tree care company.

Falling Trees

If you have trees on your property, it means that there is a possibility of them falling on your roof. This situation can be unsafe not only for your house but your life, as well. It is crucial to have your trees inspected by certified arborists now and then and make an assessment of whether they are still safe to be around. Pro Tree Service will eliminate limbs and branches that may fall on your roof and reduce the risk of them harming you and your property. 

Overhanging Branches

Trees that don’t get regularly trimmed are vulnerable to having overhanging limbs and branches. Keep in mind that even a small twig can cause damage to your roof or windows, so they have to be removed periodically. You should make a habit of inspecting the trees in your garden and look for overhanging branches. Make sure your trees are free from disease and broken branches because they can be susceptible to falling off during high winds. Also, observe a 10-foot distance from the tree to your tree for safety reasons. 

Needles and Leaves

One of the things you should be doing before winter breaks is to sweep pine needles and leaves off of your roof. If you don’t, these leaves can lock in moisture and make your roof damp. Eventually, your roof and shingles will rot from the trapped moisture. This will call for you to have your roof repaired, or worst, replaced. 


You also have to focus on your gutters. We understand that it can be taxing and requires much effort to remove leaves from the gutters, but you will thank yourself later. If you fail to do it before winter, these fallen leaves can block the passage of water resulting in the water spilling out. The foundation of your landscape can be immensely affected by this and destroy your entire landscape. Besides, you don’t want ice dams on your roof in the cold season, don’t you?

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